Deleting a Digital Certificate

You can place a deletion request for your Digital Certificate Order from within your Control Panel.

  • You may Delete a Digital Certificate only after it has been issued.

    Prior to issuance, you may simply cancel your Order. See details

  • Cancelling an Order generally leads to a refund being processed for your Order.

  • You may delete a Digital Certificate from your Control Panel within 25 days of it's issuance and get a refund.

    In case you wish to delete a Digital Certificate outside the 25 day Money Back Period, you need to get in touch with us at and request the same.

  • The Digital Certificate needs to be Deleted, if your Reissue request is rejected and the Digital Certificate is Revoked by thawte.

To Delete a Digital Certificate

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. Search for the Digital Certificate and proceed to the Order Information view. See details

  3. Click the Delete link.

  4. Click the Confirm Deletion button, if you are sure that you wish to delete your Digital Certificate. In the popup, enter YES (in capital letters) and click the OK button.

  5. An email requesting approval for revocation will be sent from thawte to the Admin Contact Email Address associated with the Digital Certificate.

  6. Once the revocation has been approved, the certificate will be deleted under our system.