Displaying the thawte Trusted Site Seal on your website

Once you have been issued a thawte Digital Certificate, you need to install the same on your website. You may also wish to display the thawte Trusted Site Seal that confirms to your website visitors that your site is secured by thawte and the date until when your Digital Certificate is valid.


thawte has upgraded their seal server infrastructure on 19 October, 2009. If you have installed the thawte Trusted Site Seal code on your website prior to this date, you must generate fresh code and install the same.

Retrieving and Displaying the thawte Trusted Site Seal on your website

  1. Visit https://www.thawte.com/ssl/secured-seal/index.html?click=main-nav-products-siteseal.


  3. Select your Site Seal by specifying the following details:

    • Language for the seal and the seal verification page.

    • Size of the seal display

    • Layout for your seal

    • Common name for your Digital Certificate.

    • The common name must match the one used for your Digital Certificate.

    • https:// or https:// are not to be included in the common name.

  4. Select the I accept the Conditions of Use for the Thawte Trusted Site Seal. checkbox.

  5. Click the CREATE SCRIPT button.

  6. Click Select all to select the code generated.

  7. Copy the code directly into your webpage code.


    Emailing or copying the code into a word processor may result in errors.


  • thawte prohibits display of the Thawte logo unless that website is secured by a Thawte Trusted Site Seal.

  • The Site Seal will be displayed on your website within about 2 hours, after installation.

  • Once the Site Seal starts appearing on your website,

    • Confirm that it appears as expected.

    • Click it and verify the information on the seal verification page.